LOL Diary Entry #11

adHue hue hue

Finally got to throw spears again in ARAM.

Many thanks to Jayce for the trade =D

My friend Quinn seems to have a bad synergy due to our setup.

In any case we were both testing out new rune build after meeting a Plat D3 player in ARAM.

In short – we copied and tried his build and maybe a bit of modifying 😛

Have not went to test out masteries yet though.


LOL Diary Entry #10

How often do you have a battle of the Tanks in ARAM?

League of Legends 2013-10-10 00-50-13-64

3 gleamed eyes, half gleam from my Bear skin with 2 females in my team without rolling. Not a bad combo at all.

Minus Kayle it was almost an all out melee bawl fest.

It was a slight pain to chase after Kayle though with the meat wall.

But he made a few small mistakes in the last fight and I threw my UT straight out at him at that chance.

LOLClient 2013-10-10 01-12-35-12

Lucky me I had a good team =D

It was a slight mess though cause it’s hard to click on the correct guy I want to target at due to the brawl fest. I actually lost sight of my Sejuani in the middle of the fight a couple of times and had to spam F1 to locate.


2 more days away!

(And my wallet will suffer from another hole >.<)

LOL Diary Entry #8

Oh yea, I finally got Fiddlesticks in ARAM thank to Malp trade.


Connection issue: “You shall lag instead.”

LOLClient 2013-10-07 19-05-00-68Nvm, our opponent Malzahar got the Mum issue instead.

That about sums up some of our usual daily gaming scenarios.

Good thing my Mum came after the game ended.

I can’t even enjoy a nice stable game after I got off work straight.

F hub.


Don’t mind me complaining about connection issues. It has become so much of a habit. >.<

LoL Diary Entry #4


At first I wanted to try my Hybrid Nami build.

But somewhere in the middle after my first death I had no idea what I was going to buy.

Dear Lee Sin loves flying to me so I baited a few times.

The next thing he gets is my water prison, Lux’s root, Elise’s spider web, Tresh’s Death Sentence and a punch in the face by Vi.

At least he learned his lesson after the 3rd or 4th time early part of the game.


Before ARAM I actually went back for a couple of normal games.

wentbacktonormalLooks like I will have to stick to my Ezreal for ADCs >.<

A role I rarely do but doesn’t fail that bad with EZ cause he is easy.

Sorry – bad pun 😛


Now then…

Another new Champion to wait for.

Jinx – sister of Vi.

My friend can’t wait for her to be out and he was my Vi earlier on.

I was so out of LoL recently due to the bad connections I keep having that I totally missed out the bundle for Lucian >.<