AFA 2013 Day 2 Part 1


I did say I would do a post of my AFA day 2 but I was too freaking tired and my phone battery died after waking me up with it’s remaining 4% life with Naraku no Hana and I forgot to charge it as I went out again to catch Thor and have dinner.

So instead of a long post I am gonna split it part by part and make them short because I am still tired and I am having lack of LoL withdrawal.

I did went a bit “high” at the concert doing random moves with the light sticks just because I felt like it.Felt great though 😛

Good cardio though since I missed two classes of muay thai due to various reasons I would not like to mention.

We managed to get in early thanks to my friend in the middle Lexus. He camped at 7am with his friend on the right. Took the opportunity to grab a shot with help from a nearby staff who offered to help us take the pictures.
If you do not know what it is, that’s the colossal titan head from Shingeki no Kyoujin aka Attack on Titan.


Introducing my day 2 accumulative collateral damage. Better the smaller ones than the big ones for next post.

Yes – badges. These are from the creator’s hub where people set up small stalls selling merchandise they design themselves. These are from Sticky Buns.

I would not have kept a look out without my friend Lexus giving me their Facebook page link. The rest of the badges Jolteon, Leafeon & Glaceon will be out according to their FB page at EOY aka End of Year which is another cosplay event in Singapore. Have not attended Cosfest, Summer Festival and EOY for 3 years so I do not know how much have changed. Will be heading down EOY just to finish this set.

Attached them to my sling bag =)
Caught someone’s interest as she stared at it when I went to Funz today to buy storage box for my 3DS cartridges. She knew immediately I went to AFA.

Mega Charizard X and Y with a free pokeball!

And if you think I am just only a Pokemon fanatic (which I do not consider myself as one).


Too bad seventh isn’t in it.

The one on the left is the seventh. You see two but..The purple one is Barasuisho created by the disciple of the creator of Rozen Maiden in the OVA called Enju who has been hinted to have a look at Kirakisho design blueprints before and made her intending to make her Alice and overcoming his master. Enju only appears in the OVA and is the counter part of Kaito Toriumi that only appears in the manga except Kaito is not a disciple of Rozen but also has the power of a meastro – being able to bring dolls back to life or repair them. They both share similarity of wanting their dolls to become Alice too.

The next stall that caught my attention was just beside Sticky Buns. Lucky me, Black Rock Shooter was the last piece – the display set. Since they sell 4 for 12 bucks I got Miku, Kirito and Asuna together.

Coasters. Came from a stall that sells original works. As much as I wanted to support by buying a post card or two unfortunately I was on the end of my budget at that time just before I went to buy my albums… The lady was trying so hard to promote her items but I bought the other person’s instead while she was having lunch I think >.<
Should have at least get her deviant art address for real but I was “hands tied” with my stuff.

Last but not least (I think) of all the small but still wallet damaging goodies..


I was having a hard time thinking if I should get Rammus or Teemo hat the whole day and resisted buying until I keep see the booth seeing them again while accompanying one of my friends to q the Odex booth. So I asked them to tell me which they think is better and Rammus emerged the winner of the cap competition.

And then as much as I want to end this post soon to go into LoL and wear the Rammus on my head and play Rammus the whole day for the heck of it I just recalled the first item I bought of yesterday and it was a last piece item too.

If you play Monster Hunter you should know very well what this is.

You if don’t – This is the stamina potion 😛

Most of the other items were swept away on Day 1 which I was not able to attend.

Will find another time to do part 2.


Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita

So previously we had MaouYuu (Demon Lord and Hero) then followed by Hataraku Maou (Demon Lord at Work).

This time we have the Yuushibu literally meaning Hero’s Program where they train Hero candidates to defeat demons.

The full title name if I am not wrong is: I Couldn’t Be a Hero so I Reluctantly Decided to Find A Job.

Some random screenshots from episode one: I Couldn’t Be a Hero, so I’m Working the Register. Which I think most of you would have figured out what happened to the next part I did not need to continue.

I swear though we need more of this kind of resume.

Hero-in-training. Suppose to “graduate” after passing this test he was taking.yuushibu1

Ended up working at a hardware store with no other qualifications.yuushibu2

There were also several funny and comedic anime this season but this particular one happens to hit the spot as I am a RPG era gamer. Heroes and Demon Lords are always a welcome topic especially more and more are using them as comedy instead of the usual hot blood I kill you, you kill me, I will rule the world everyone burn, I will slay you for sure and justice will prevail line of story. One of my early favorites was Kyou Kara Maou

On a side note: The other new anime Golden Time has a protagonist who looks like Yuri but different voice actor =D The two series has no link though, just a coincidence that both protagonist look quite alike but I can still recommend that Golden Time is also another good anime to follow even though only episode one is out now.

I still have another 12 different episode ones to follow. Maybe I might update a few of them later.



Still patiently waiting for news with the English version!

If you are wondering what is this game about – it basically works like playing the famous Monster Hunter franchise by Capcom with it’s own twist.

Genre is fantasy, action role playing and slightly open world. Or if one wants to – hack and slash.

The most distinct difference between God Eater and Monster Hunter is that GE actually has a solid and intriguing story to follow while completing hunting missions.

And unlike Monster Hunter where you can only use a melee when you enter the mission as a melee fighter, GE allows the player to use both in the same equipment and do combos.

So let’s say you are doing a mid air combo and the monster is going to swing at you. You can dodge while doing your mid air combo, switch to your gun mode, fire a blast and recoil backwards to avoid getting hit.

Lots of different ways to utilize =D

Unfortunately in regards to Monster Hunter, I had lost a lot of interest when they shifted their console platform to Nintendo’s 3DS system >.<

It’s not like I do not like the system itself but all along I had been playing it on Sony PSP and was looking forward to a Vita release. I will be honest to say that I was disappointed even though I did spend my money to even pre-order Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I even bought my 3DS XL for it but I guess it simply does not mesh well with me. Down goes my circle pad pro for now since I also bought it for my Monster Hunter.

And all Monster Hunter online series are released in Japan only T_T
I really really really really really wana wana wana wana wana play it on HD!
I will probably hear from people telling me to get a Wii system then.

But nah – I have been a Sony Playstation gamer ever since PSX.
My sister do have a Wii system w/o the Wii U.
And my eldest sister bought the Star Wars edition XBoX kinect for her future husband. I could always play some new games at their new house in the future.

Hue hue hue.

And before I forget – I did mention God Eater has a story didn’t I? 😛

Enjoy this short 12mins of God Eater Prologue which is set 6 years before the first God Eater video game!
And by the way – both game and this animation are by Ufotable!

And since Monster Hunter is currently out of my playlist and I still need to wait out for God Eater 2 which may be localized next year…

Toukiden! – Q4 2013 *_*

The JP Version has already been released on 27 June 2013.
I need the English version mainly because my friends can’t read Japanese and we want to avoid region lock and PSN issues.

Until then, I will hang on with my Soul Sacrifice, Hatsune Miku and Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Before that….
Replaying my Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked for all the endings first as well as the bonus Lucifer boss fight!