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Types something here for a post since I login for reasons unknown.


LOL Diary Entry #12

Hi Peeps
I am not exactly a update a lot of person as I have a short term memory >.<

Hope you guys enjoy your Christmas and upcoming happy horse year! =D
For non-Chinese background readers or non-East-Asians the reason why I mention Horse as it’s 1 of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and next year symbolizes the year of the Horse while this soon to be over year is the year of Snake.
Check this wiki link out 😉

As for me, I am happily enjoying my holiday right now while clearing my leaves. Best thing about this is I can finally play LoL at night when none of my family members are touching the internet bandwidth. But only safe from 1am onwards which means night needs to be my day while day will be my night. I was so glad to touch this game that I went actually played for 12 hours straight yesterday. Not healthy I know but I was in a winning spree to a losing spree and some times you just don’t want it to end like this. Especially if I find that I did not contribute properly to a win I will still have the “one more round” syndrome.

Last game of my day and I got Nida. Lux wanted to switch though but I was away for a while. I would prefer Nida over Lux though for in terms of escape mechanism.
In a way seems unfair as the 2 most wanted long range pokers were in the same team but hey – it’s a first for me too!
Very lucky that my team know what they were doing and was well balance. The team play was pretty much good and there weren’t any pings or hardly any lines of chatting. Only time would be Lux asking how much Gold I had.

I would give MVP to Shyvana as she did the most work of diving into their faces for us which then Malphite will find a good chance to UT in. Too many times the other team tried different methods to get the 3 of us at the back. But the main point was Shyv getting Morde away from us. I honored the Fizz for the multiple attempts trying to get either Lucian (mostly) or Lux while Shyv and Malp were doing their thing. Had to peel a bit or should I say tank in front of Lucian a small few times to get the fish away from him to shoot. Most of the time I am just throwing my spears and playing like a chicken. Almost died maybe 3 times?

The next picture will tell you what happen any how soooo.

Nitz peeps!

P.S: For a Nida with no items other than the starters I am still annoying I guess. Pretty sure a couple of times they were trying not to kill me. Just my 2 cents though 😛

Noob bragging over. Night again…. or I should type Good Morning instead?

Off to bed!

LOL Diary Entry #11

adHue hue hue

Finally got to throw spears again in ARAM.

Many thanks to Jayce for the trade =D

My friend Quinn seems to have a bad synergy due to our setup.

In any case we were both testing out new rune build after meeting a Plat D3 player in ARAM.

In short – we copied and tried his build and maybe a bit of modifying 😛

Have not went to test out masteries yet though.

AFA 2013 Day 2 Part 1


I did say I would do a post of my AFA day 2 but I was too freaking tired and my phone battery died after waking me up with it’s remaining 4% life with Naraku no Hana and I forgot to charge it as I went out again to catch Thor and have dinner.

So instead of a long post I am gonna split it part by part and make them short because I am still tired and I am having lack of LoL withdrawal.

I did went a bit “high” at the concert doing random moves with the light sticks just because I felt like it.Felt great though 😛

Good cardio though since I missed two classes of muay thai due to various reasons I would not like to mention.

We managed to get in early thanks to my friend in the middle Lexus. He camped at 7am with his friend on the right. Took the opportunity to grab a shot with help from a nearby staff who offered to help us take the pictures.
If you do not know what it is, that’s the colossal titan head from Shingeki no Kyoujin aka Attack on Titan.


Introducing my day 2 accumulative collateral damage. Better the smaller ones than the big ones for next post.

Yes – badges. These are from the creator’s hub where people set up small stalls selling merchandise they design themselves. These are from Sticky Buns.

I would not have kept a look out without my friend Lexus giving me their Facebook page link. The rest of the badges Jolteon, Leafeon & Glaceon will be out according to their FB page at EOY aka End of Year which is another cosplay event in Singapore. Have not attended Cosfest, Summer Festival and EOY for 3 years so I do not know how much have changed. Will be heading down EOY just to finish this set.

Attached them to my sling bag =)
Caught someone’s interest as she stared at it when I went to Funz today to buy storage box for my 3DS cartridges. She knew immediately I went to AFA.

Mega Charizard X and Y with a free pokeball!

And if you think I am just only a Pokemon fanatic (which I do not consider myself as one).


Too bad seventh isn’t in it.

The one on the left is the seventh. You see two but..The purple one is Barasuisho created by the disciple of the creator of Rozen Maiden in the OVA called Enju who has been hinted to have a look at Kirakisho design blueprints before and made her intending to make her Alice and overcoming his master. Enju only appears in the OVA and is the counter part of Kaito Toriumi that only appears in the manga except Kaito is not a disciple of Rozen but also has the power of a meastro – being able to bring dolls back to life or repair them. They both share similarity of wanting their dolls to become Alice too.

The next stall that caught my attention was just beside Sticky Buns. Lucky me, Black Rock Shooter was the last piece – the display set. Since they sell 4 for 12 bucks I got Miku, Kirito and Asuna together.

Coasters. Came from a stall that sells original works. As much as I wanted to support by buying a post card or two unfortunately I was on the end of my budget at that time just before I went to buy my albums… The lady was trying so hard to promote her items but I bought the other person’s instead while she was having lunch I think >.<
Should have at least get her deviant art address for real but I was “hands tied” with my stuff.

Last but not least (I think) of all the small but still wallet damaging goodies..


I was having a hard time thinking if I should get Rammus or Teemo hat the whole day and resisted buying until I keep see the booth seeing them again while accompanying one of my friends to q the Odex booth. So I asked them to tell me which they think is better and Rammus emerged the winner of the cap competition.

And then as much as I want to end this post soon to go into LoL and wear the Rammus on my head and play Rammus the whole day for the heck of it I just recalled the first item I bought of yesterday and it was a last piece item too.

If you play Monster Hunter you should know very well what this is.

You if don’t – This is the stamina potion 😛

Most of the other items were swept away on Day 1 which I was not able to attend.

Will find another time to do part 2.

Unable to attend AFA 2013 Day 1… I think

For those that need FYI.
AFA stands for Anime Festival Asia.
Please do Google for more info :p
I am at work while mobile typing this post.

Unfortunately I am stuck in office and so I am unable to camp, buy and rush for autograph session espcially for Star Child event. I really want Angela’s but at least I won the VIP lucky draw autograph for May’n.

It will be my first time so I am still feling “high” ever since yesterday evening. Another downside would be that I only have digital albums. Here’s to hoping I will find them selling her albums in AFA. Buy they will give poster anyway so I should be fine.

Another sad thing for me is that my pay isn’t in yet and I am pretty much edgy that it will not come in time.

Then also comes to the point where I have not yet level up my Pokemons that I bred for battles.  To be honest I was breeding too much to the point I forgot to form a proper battle squad. But at least I have 6 proper IV bred pokemon. I will test just how outdated my pokemon battle skills are.

Next thought would be to finish up my eeve army. I have 3 boxes of male and a box of females. Most that I do not need I wonder trade them away and the majority has the hidden ability anticipation. A few of them I infected with pokerus but doing that for 3 box worth will take up too much of my time so I used them in GTS instead.

Why am I doing my pokemon?

Because there is bound to be other pokemon trainers going to AFA =D

I really really want my war funds in like now to gimme a peace of mind.

Was and still tempted to take a leave for today but no point if no subtential funds for a “burn the wallet bigger” session.

P.S: still checking for my pay like every hour >_<