LOL Diary Entry #12

Hi Peeps
I am not exactly a update a lot of person as I have a short term memory >.<

Hope you guys enjoy your Christmas and upcoming happy horse year! =D
For non-Chinese background readers or non-East-Asians the reason why I mention Horse as it’s 1 of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and next year symbolizes the year of the Horse while this soon to be over year is the year of Snake.
Check this wiki link out 😉

As for me, I am happily enjoying my holiday right now while clearing my leaves. Best thing about this is I can finally play LoL at night when none of my family members are touching the internet bandwidth. But only safe from 1am onwards which means night needs to be my day while day will be my night. I was so glad to touch this game that I went actually played for 12 hours straight yesterday. Not healthy I know but I was in a winning spree to a losing spree and some times you just don’t want it to end like this. Especially if I find that I did not contribute properly to a win I will still have the “one more round” syndrome.

Last game of my day and I got Nida. Lux wanted to switch though but I was away for a while. I would prefer Nida over Lux though for in terms of escape mechanism.
In a way seems unfair as the 2 most wanted long range pokers were in the same team but hey – it’s a first for me too!
Very lucky that my team know what they were doing and was well balance. The team play was pretty much good and there weren’t any pings or hardly any lines of chatting. Only time would be Lux asking how much Gold I had.

I would give MVP to Shyvana as she did the most work of diving into their faces for us which then Malphite will find a good chance to UT in. Too many times the other team tried different methods to get the 3 of us at the back. But the main point was Shyv getting Morde away from us. I honored the Fizz for the multiple attempts trying to get either Lucian (mostly) or Lux while Shyv and Malp were doing their thing. Had to peel a bit or should I say tank in front of Lucian a small few times to get the fish away from him to shoot. Most of the time I am just throwing my spears and playing like a chicken. Almost died maybe 3 times?

The next picture will tell you what happen any how soooo.

Nitz peeps!

P.S: For a Nida with no items other than the starters I am still annoying I guess. Pretty sure a couple of times they were trying not to kill me. Just my 2 cents though 😛

Noob bragging over. Night again…. or I should type Good Morning instead?

Off to bed!