Unable to attend AFA 2013 Day 1… I think

For those that need FYI.
AFA stands for Anime Festival Asia.
Please do Google for more info :p
I am at work while mobile typing this post.

Unfortunately I am stuck in office and so I am unable to camp, buy and rush for autograph session espcially for Star Child event. I really want Angela’s but at least I won the VIP lucky draw autograph for May’n.

It will be my first time so I am still feling “high” ever since yesterday evening. Another downside would be that I only have digital albums. Here’s to hoping I will find them selling her albums in AFA. Buy they will give poster anyway so I should be fine.

Another sad thing for me is that my pay isn’t in yet and I am pretty much edgy that it will not come in time.

Then also comes to the point where I have not yet level up my Pokemons that I bred for battles.  To be honest I was breeding too much to the point I forgot to form a proper battle squad. But at least I have 6 proper IV bred pokemon. I will test just how outdated my pokemon battle skills are.

Next thought would be to finish up my eeve army. I have 3 boxes of male and a box of females. Most that I do not need I wonder trade them away and the majority has the hidden ability anticipation. A few of them I infected with pokerus but doing that for 3 box worth will take up too much of my time so I used them in GTS instead.

Why am I doing my pokemon?

Because there is bound to be other pokemon trainers going to AFA =D

I really really want my war funds in like now to gimme a peace of mind.

Was and still tempted to take a leave for today but no point if no subtential funds for a “burn the wallet bigger” session.

P.S: still checking for my pay like every hour >_<


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