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Well, I have a quirky connection so there’s no way I won’t DC halfway and no guarantees that it does not lag.

And then I just realize stupid WordPress gets rid of emded object in html….

Omg, this is a flaw worst than blogspot.

A way around is ->

Lazy to do it 😛

Back to my Pokemon!


Too Busy Playing Pokemon :D

Right. As my title hints the lack of updates was caused by playing my Pokemon X ever since before day one to the point that I did not switch on my computer until a few days back.


When I switched on my computer last Sunday (finally) I went to check up on anime updates and stuff I missed out during my trainer journey in X.


To my horror…
I thought I had only missed out a week and half of anime but it was actually 3 weeks worth and I had to add 55 episodes consisting of different titles into my back log.

So anyway a few good things for me in less than 10 minute of normal game time would be my shiny.


It has evolved nicely into its final stage with a nice coat color 😀

Since I missed out at least 2 generations of pokemon the moment the special effect of the shiny came out got me on edge.

Because shinies are much much more rare than a legendary collection and I took care not to kill it would be what I wanted to say. I actually threw a pokeball out just to try if it’s possible without damaging it because I do not want to end up overkilling it with a random critical hit.

Then there are also times when you fool around with friends to get 3 starters. Especially since I had a spare Pokemon Y for other uses.


Now I am busy breeding Ghastly to have a Gengar. And if possible a shiny gengar. I heard from a friend of mine that a shiny gengar that mega evolve is white in color! Plus the primary reason would be me wanting to use ghost types for battles for a change. I had never use ghost types extensively before.

Shiny – not yet.
A Gastly with 5 IVs – it hatched yesterday =D
Except I did not have the timid nature but modest instead. Timid ones don’t wana come to me >_<


Setting that aside. Trainers do take note of the following picture which is self explanatory after viewing it. I have work to do and rush and a muay thai class later.

The worst that could happen saving in blue zone and you got unlucky?

You can kiss your save game good bye forever.

Any way. Just before I am off…


Bought the guide book yesterday =D



Doesn’t feel like forever since the day will finally arrive whether we like it or not.

In this case it works in the pokemon fans favor.


Have you guys decided which to get?
I am gonna gun for X first even though I preordered both. Can’t wait to finally have Charizard as a dragon type and also to see the new fairy type to balance out the over balance dragons people like to take advantage of.

Some people are going to breed their eevee army for sure :p
A friend of mine is going to try to get his legendary squad.

Me? First I want my Pikachu and Charizard. Then decide which Dark type I want. Then see what Fairy type is out there. And last 2 slots? I will see how it goes~

As for starters….
Have not thought about it yet. Some of me friends want the frog cause the final form looks like a ninja.

So… even though I preordered many months ago I am still going to be kia-su (direct translation meaning scared to lose) since the shop I preordered from has over 300 names on their list.

Guess I have to camp the shop earlier or go visit the shop later and get some more info.

LOL Diary Entry #10

How often do you have a battle of the Tanks in ARAM?

League of Legends 2013-10-10 00-50-13-64

3 gleamed eyes, half gleam from my Bear skin with 2 females in my team without rolling. Not a bad combo at all.

Minus Kayle it was almost an all out melee bawl fest.

It was a slight pain to chase after Kayle though with the meat wall.

But he made a few small mistakes in the last fight and I threw my UT straight out at him at that chance.

LOLClient 2013-10-10 01-12-35-12

Lucky me I had a good team =D

It was a slight mess though cause it’s hard to click on the correct guy I want to target at due to the brawl fest. I actually lost sight of my Sejuani in the middle of the fight a couple of times and had to spam F1 to locate.


2 more days away!

(And my wallet will suffer from another hole >.<)

LOL Diary Entry #9



Our Sion doesn’t want to play AD. We were so screwed!

Had to ask our dear Teemo to switch to hybrid build at the later stage.

I even had to sell my boots because of Amumu and Alistar.


At least it was not a horrible game for 37mins other than getting chased repeatedly by Amumu and Alistar bashing me off constantly from my intended targets.

As much as I wanted a Hourglass – too many defensive items was not a good idea for me. I will die either way so I might as well make sure my Requiem will bring them down with me and it does.

Too bad I did not manage to make my AP go over 900. It was almost 900.
And I was very tempted to sell my Liandry and get the Hourglass.

Tried my best and I can now sleep in peace and do a requiem while I am at it 😛

It’s Today!


Awaiting the moment when the game shop contacts me that they have my Director’s Edition.

Will only be able to collect after work though and have to go out to celebrate sister’s birthday tonight at Ding Tai Fung. Good thing the game shop and restaurant are at the same mall.

Plus the repeated lack of sleep is accumulating. If only I have the ability to freeze time still and do my personal works.


4 more days!